Cheers to 37 Years - A Peek at the Birthday Capsule Collection

Cheers to 37 Years - A Peek at the Birthday Capsule Collection

Just in case you're new around here - I do birthdays in a BIG way! Like multiple cakes, celebrate all month, all the festivities BIG! 

Last year I kicked off my birthday celebration with a birthday capsule collection. An opportunity to share a bit of my heart and life with you through limited edition designs that tell a story. This year I've added new designs with extra special stories (like earrings designed by my daughter, spoiler alert, she did amazing!), and brought back a few favorites from last year.  

These limited edition designs launch Thursday, August 12 (just 2 weeks from my birthday) at 10am. I hope you love them as much as I do. Tell me which is your favorite, which stories connect with you, and of course, your favorite cake flavor in the comments! 
jewelry designs for birthday capsule collection from Leo and Lynn Jewelry
The full birthday capsule collection has 5 limited edition earring designs - inspired by childhood memories, 90's parties, neon, and my amazing daughter. 
butterbean stud earrings from Leo and Lynn Jewelry birthday capsule collection silver gold resin stud earrings
My love of jewelry making started as a child, making bracelets and selling them from a booth in my front yard. So watching my daughter take an interest in my business means the world to me.

As we were driving to gymnastics 2 months ago I asked her if she wanted to design a pair of earrings for the collection, she jumped at the opportunity. She actually had the design finished by the end of the 15 minute ride. That's right, just creativity and cartwheels in one evening. 

She said she wanted something that I could wear every day (I wonder where that love comes from...). She said black and gold were my main colors (and she's a Pittsburgher, so of course black and gold), and she wanted a silver circle stud. I'd love to say that I was completely convinced when she described it. The control freak in me really wanted to edit her design but I stopped myself. Teaching her to trust herself and to love her ideas is so important to me, so I have to trust her ideas too. Turns out, she was so right! These studs are showstopping...and I think she gets her love of metal mixing from my mama. 

Naming the studs took her longer than actually designing them. She finally settled on a special nickname - Butterbean. My mom has been calling her butterbean since the day she was born and her Gram is the only person allowed to call her that. They have a really special and deep bond and a shared middle name - Lynn. 

neon party stud earrings from Leo and Lynn Jewelry birthday capsule collection
The inspiration behind these neon, sparkly studs is simple - my favorite color growing up was lime green. I still love neon and these earrings are exactly how I would rock the neon trend. The perfect pop of color! 
These also remind me of those stick-on earrings from my childhood. The really shiny, triangle ones that once your hair got stuck in them they never stayed on your ears. Remember those? Well I promise these studs will stay in and look good all day. 

raspberry drop earrings from Leo and Lynn Jewelry birthday capsule
Sharing my favorite fruit and flavor in a gorgeous raspberry shimmer drop earring with geometric elements that make these earrings classy and fun. My love of raspberry is much deeper than just a gorgeous deep pink-red hue. It’s about my bond with my Boppy (grandfather) and my absolute favorite person as a child. Growing up, each summer a local restaurant, Hillcrest, would have handmade black raspberry ice cream for a limited time. It was my favorite treat and Boppy knew it. He would randomly show up in his Buick at our house to take me for a cone. Our bond was deep and his love and kindness for me influenced what I looked for in a life partner and co-parent.  

You might remember these from last year in a slightly different design. They were my favorite so I had to bring them back with a new twist. I love the open half circle bezel so you can see the gorgeous raspberry resin on both sides on a gold plated circle posted earring. 
I’m going to wear these and eat some black raspberry ice cream. 

party like its 1984 drop earrings from Leo and Lynn Jewelry birthday capsule collection statement earrings
What’s a birthday without some party?!? So let’s take this party to 1984… When Doves Cry by Prince was the top hit blasting on radios, the original Apple Macintosh computer went on sale to the public, the summer Olympics were in LA, and astronauts took the first un-tethered space walk… 

No deep story here, just the feeling of wanting to party and have some fun. These earrings have two options - gold or resin - because every person should pick their own party! Gold circle posted earrings or white pearl resin silver circle bezels both with a rainbow acrylic open circle drop. These sold out quickly last year so I had to bring them back. I also didn't get to keep a pair last year but I won't make that same mistake. Lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down while dancing, and tons of fun!  

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