Party Like It's 1984! An Inside Look at the Birthday Capsule Collection

Party Like It's 1984! An Inside Look at the Birthday Capsule Collection

It’s my birthday (month)! Haha! I know my husband just read this and rolled his eyes because I have an uncanny ability to celebrate birthdays in our house in a very big way. There’s a notorious photo out there of Everett with two cakes for his 3rd birthday and one cake is legitimately as big as him. 

But honestly, I love birthdays. I love to celebrate, I often say that I’m the stereotypical only child with my love of birthdays. 

I designed the Birthday Capsule collection because I wanted to share a piece of my heart and happiness with you. These pieces are designed to tell a story about some of my journey and favorite things while allowing me to connect with my customers on a more personal level. This collection is a reflection of why I love to design and make jewelry - it allows wearers to connect to deeper meaning and inspiration.  

I hope you love the collection, the stories, and I’m so grateful to celebrate with you! 

Now let’s take a look at each design before they launch on Sunday, August 23 at 8am…

 The Valerie Stud 

charcoal shimmer marquise resin stud earrings casual swirl unique click to purchase birthday

Let’s kick off the collection where it all started - Valerie, my mom! (Lots of credit to my dad too but I don’t think he cares about having The Brent Earring). My mom has always been my best friend and biggest supporter. It brings me so much joy to see her deep connection with my daughter and for Emerson to get to see our strong mother-daughter relationship.  

Val, as she is known to many, didn’t visit my website until 9 months after I launched it. Not because of a lack of support - she likes every photo on social, tells her friends, wears my jewelry, and provides feedback - instead it’s because she just picks what she wants from my stock or gives very specific instructions for custom pieces she wants. She recently fell in love with The Emerson Stud - White Pearl Marquise. She never took them off during vacation, wearing them into the ocean and saying she was giving them the ultimate quality test.  

She then requested the same marquise shape in a silver bezel with a charcoal shimmer resin. And since I tell Emerson to listen to her mother (me!), I shall do the same! I too love The Valerie Stud because every pair has a unique shimmer swirl and they go with everything. 

The Pittsburgh Stud and Drop Earring

pittsburgh stud earrings black and gold resin casual jewelry square shimmer birthday

pittsburgh drop earring black and gold resin shimmer birthday

Home. These two gorgeous earrings were inspired by the place we call home - the burgh! Michael and I moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 for me to attend graduate school and he started a new job. I assumed we would move when I finished school but then we fell in love with Pittsburgh. Both of our children were born here - baby yinzers! I now consider us Pittsburgh transplants and I will happily chat with anyone about all the things we enjoy about living and loving in Pittsburgh. 

These earrings are inspired by the beauty and industrialism in Pittsburgh. Gold square bezels with black epoxy clay topped with gold flake and gold shimmer resin. The finished product is strong, unique, dimensional, and fun. Offered in stud earrings and drop earrings so there is something for everyone. 

raspberry shimmer drop earring gold geometric resin shimmer earring birthday

Sharing my favorite fruit and flavor in a gorgeous raspberry shimmer drop earring with geometric elements that make these earrings classy and fun. My love of raspberry is much deeper than just a gorgeous deep pink-red hue. It’s about my bond with my Boppy (grandfather) and my absolute favorite person as a child. Growing up, each summer a local restaurant, Hillcrest, would have handmade black raspberry ice cream for a limited time. It was my favorite treat and Boppy knew it. He would randomly show up in his Buick at our house to take me for a cone. Our bond was deep and his love and kindness for me influenced what I looked for in a life partner and co-parent.  

I have the hardest time picking a favorite design in any collection but I think these are my favorite because of the inspiration and the geometric beauty. A gold triangle posted earring with a raspberry shimmer resin drop create a fun and simple drop earring that makes a big statement. I’m going to wear these and eat some black raspberry ice cream. 

Party Like It’s 1984 Drop Earring - Gold or Resin Editions 

party like its 1984 earrings gold edition drop earrings multicolor acrylic lightweight birthday

party like its 1984 earrings resin edition drop earrings multicolor acrylic lightweight birthday

What’s a birthday without some party?!? So let’s take this party to 1984… When Doves Cry by Prince was the top hit blasting on radios, the original Apple Macintosh computer went on sale to the public, the summer Olympics were in LA, and astronauts took the first un-tethered space walk… 

No deep story here, just the feeling of wanting to party and have some fun. These earrings have two options - gold or resin - because every person should pick their own party! Gold circle posted earrings or white pearl resin silver circle bezels both with a rainbow acrylic open circle drop. Lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down while dancing, and tons of fun!  

Tell me about your birthday traditions - favorite cake? Way to celebrate?

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