Jewelry Care and Tips

We want you to love your handmade Leo and Lynn Jewelry. Handmade jewelry can be delicate and damage can happen (you know - kid pulls your necklace off, mysterious case of a missing earring!). If you experience damage or are unsatisfied with your jewelry please reach out so we can work together to make it right. 

Here are some quick tips or check out our full blog post on jewelry care and tips. 

On Last, Off First! Please put jewelry on after hairspray, lotions, or perfumes. Take jewelry off first to avoid damage.

No Splashing! Don't swim, shower, or sweat while wearing handmade jewelry.

Keep It Clean! Tarnishing is a naturally occurring process for many metals. To clean sterling silver use silver tarnish remover or a polishing cloth. To clean gold filled metals use mild soapy water and a soft cloth. 

Safe Storage! To keep your jewelry secure we recommend storing in a cool, dry place with clasps hooked and endless hoop earrings closed.