Top 5 Designs of 2022

Top 5 Designs of 2022

As we say farewell to 2022 I thought it would be fun to recap the most loved designs of the year. So let's dive right in to what Leo and Lynn Jewelry customers are buying for their every day jewelry... 

I'm so excited that this special design was in the top 5. I worked with my friend Amy to create this gorgeous floral inspired drop earring in memory of her mother. All proceeds from the sale of the Earrings for Change are donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This earring design was honored to support Amy's LLS Woman of the Year campaign. 

4. Elsie Studs - Valentine's Day Edition

The Valentine's Day limited edition collection sold out in 30 minutes so this design on the bestsellers list for 2022 is no surprise. And another not so surprising detail - we are bringing this design back for 2023. 

3. Cole Drop Earrings

The Cole Drops on the bestseller list was a little surprising to me but then I remembered how popular these are at in person events. It makes sense because they are so versatile. The natural wood tones and 3 color options in gold or silver - these are the 2022 go with everything drop earring. 

2. Molly Drop Earrings

I'm so delighted by how popular the Molly Drop Earrings are - I couldn't make them fast enough all year. Fun fact - I tested the Molly Drop style 2 years ago by gifting some test designs to my friends during a New Years champagne toast we enjoyed together. 

These earrings are named after a very special woman in my life, who is the definition of fun and sparkle. I personally wear my Molly Drop Earrings all the time, and I love thinking about how much sparkle and happiness they are bringing to wearers. 

1. Elsie Stud Earrings 

No surprise on the bestselling earring of 2022...since it's been the bestselling earring since the start of 2021. Fun fact - the Elsie stud earring in the glitter ombre style has a wonderful origin story. I made myself a pair near the end of 2020 as a fun creative project, just testing out some resin techniques. I shared them on social media and there was a lot of interest, specifically one person shared that glittery studs were perfect for celebrating the new year from the couch. So I quickly made more and launched them as New Years celebration studs. The studs came with a note about our collective strength after 2020 and how the earrings connected us. 

I like to think that the Elsie studs are a bestseller as a continued symbol of our strength and connection. 

Thank you so much for another amazing year - full of life changes, beautiful jewelry, challenges, adventures, and joy. I'm so grateful for your support and I can't wait to keep making jewelry for you. 

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