The Simple Joys of Summer - Behind the Simple Summer Collection

The Simple Joys of Summer - Behind the Simple Summer Collection

This summer we are keeping it simple. The inspiration behind the Simple Summer Collection came from a recent conversation with my family. We agree to one simple commitment for the summer - say yes to what brings us joy! 

After over a year of fear, anxiety, separation, and hard decisions - we’ve agreed to share what brings us joy. If it fills us with excitement, happiness, simple joy - WE ARE SAYING YES! 

Saying yes to late nights with our neighbors. 

Yes to ice cream before dinner. 

Yes to making a fire pit just to make s’mores.

Yes to midafternoon hikes. 

Yes to night swimming. 

Yes to spontaneity. 

Yes to sleeping in.

Yes to enjoying the sunrise and coffee.

Yes to family. 

Yes to friends. 

Yes to adventure. 

If it feels hard and heavy then we are saying no, without shame. Decision fatigue wore us down. We’re committed as a family to lightening our load this summer. 

The Simple Summer Collection embraces the simple joys. Lightweight, whimsical stud earrings. Hand wire wrapped gemstone necklaces for a touch of sparkle. All designs that pair with your summer uniform - mine is shorts and a tank top.  With my summer outfit I’m selecting the 18” Rainbow Moonstone on Gold Chain Necklace and the Golden Star Stud Earrings. I can’t wait to see what you pick for your summer adventures. 

The Simple Summer Collection also stretched my business ownership skills. I sourced finished earrings from trusted suppliers for the first time. My quality standard is very high. High quality casual jewelry is my passion. Sourcing finished earrings taught me some hard lessons that quality isn’t always a shared value. Those hard lessons brought me hard decisions that ultimately bring me joy because I’m staying true to my values and to you.  

Summer is obviously my favorite season (if you are named after a season it must be your favorite). I’m so excited to bring you this collection and 2 more collections this year. The next focused on the brightness of summertime.

The Golden Star Stud Earrings - I'll be wearing these for 4th of July and then all summer long!

Gemstone Layering Necklace - Rainbow Moonstone on Gold in my beloved 18" length! This goes perfectly with my favorite tank top (that I own in 3 colors). 

Don't forget to consult the length guide to find your perfect necklace.

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