Spread Love with Simple Gifts (including some free gifts from me!)

Spread Love with Simple Gifts (including some free gifts from me!)

Most days jewelry is the farthest thing from my mind. My stay home sweatpants don't exactly have matching accessories, though I think an Emerson stud earring can go with everything (but I digress).  
As many small businesses, I've had to examine how my business can evolve during this horrible pandemic and time in our world. The word 'pivot' has been used to describe what business owners are doing during this time to ensure they still have income to feed their families, stay in their homes, and have a business when things return to 'normal'. With rapidly changing and stressful financial situations, I am so grateful for the support of small businesses. Every visit to my website, share on social media, review on google or my site, purchase, and note of appreciation means the world to me. 
Some days I feel so frivolous to promote jewelry when I really just want to sit down and cry with my friends. But I too must pivot...and so I turn to something that feels very natural to me - gift giving. When I started Leo and Lynn Jewelry I dreamed of the smiles on your face when you gifted my jewelry to your friend, mother, sister, college roommate, or sorority sister. That feeling of finding the gift that perfectly reflects everything you love about that person. 
I want to provide you with a way to send love during these hard times with an affordable and easy option. Because none of us need more items on our to do list. The perfect gift combination - spring colored resin studs, affordable $15 price, free shipping, and personalized note included! Send some sunshine, ocean, or cotton candy to let them know you are thinking of them. Also, I always support a treat yourself opportunity so leave a note at checkout and I'll send you a personalized note. 
In the spirit of gift giving, I want to give you some gifts. Enjoy some free downloads that I designed that might brighten your day - Instagram story templates, desktop wallpapers, and a coloring page for kids (might give you 10 minutes of quiet time). To download - click on image, add to cart (I promise they are free!), then proceed to checkout and you will be emailed the file to download. Please send me photos or tag on social media so I can see our matching wallpapers and your kids' gorgeous art!
Instagram Story Templates 
instagram story megan markle quote you are enoughinstagram story spread love not germs
instagram story you got this floral instagram story bloom where you are planted yellow ombre
Desktop Wallpapers 
desktop wallpaper yellow ombre daisy
desktop wallpaper floral you got this
Coloring Page 
shine bright coloring page printable
Please share in the comments with how you are spreading some love during this time! 

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  • Morna Pollock

    What a wonderful post Summer, it is such a hard time for small businesses. Thank you for sharing…….. and I do agree that your cute Emerson studs go with everything, even sweatpants. Take care.

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