Snickerdoodles, Frost, and Starry Nights - Behind the Scenes of the Holiday 2020 Collection

Snickerdoodles, Frost, and Starry Nights - Behind the Scenes of the Holiday 2020 Collection

What's your favorite holiday season tradition?
Mine is baking cookies with my mom and my kids. It's always been baking cookies. Even as a grumpy teenager, it was the one tradition I was always wiling to do. This shouldn't be a huge surprise as I have a big sweet tooth. 
Traditions were a source of inspiration for this special collection. Sharing a piece of my heart and holidays with you.
This Holiday 2020 Collection is a reflection of my favorite holiday season memories and traditions -  cookies, snow, festive feelings, and joy. 
Let's get this collection started with a brand new design offering - bracelets! These bangle bracelet sets are amazing, each set includes a resin bezel bangle and an open hammered bangle so you can create your perfect stack. The bracelets are made of the same nickel-free metals used in my earrings and necklaces. No itchy ears, and now no itchy arms! 

image of gold bangle bracelet with rectangle and circle glitter resin bezel
A classic combination of frost glitter resin in a rectangle bezel and black holographic glitter resin in a circle bezel in this bangle set. 

Frosted cranberry glitter is a deep pink glitter in a triangle bezel and champagne glitter in a circle bezel. Bracelet set includes hammered antiqued silver open bangle for the perfect stack. Also, doesn't cranberry champagne sound delicious? I'm ready to cheers! 

Don't these gorgeous pendants remind you of holiday ornaments? This is a new technique for me and I love how the open back pendants turned out. The open back means the front and back of the pendants look the same so you never have to worry about your necklace flipping over. Gemstone chips and glitter are embedded in this geometric circle pendants. 4 gemstone and glitter options so you can find the perfect gift and of course, one to keep. 

Pittsburgh is gorgeous in the winter when blanketed with snow...unless you have to drive in it.  This necklace is inspired by the shining holiday lights during a beautiful Pittsburgh night. Black clay and gold flake in a crescent pendant with gold shimmer resin. Ball chain through jump rings secure this necklace and keep it from flipping. 

I've grown up in the North East my entire life. I love falling snow, from inside the house. This necklace is a combination of the bestselling white pearl resin in an oval pendant and tanzanite gemstone chips embedded in resin in a triangle pendant. You can feel the tanzanite gemstone chips through the resin for a really organic and calming feeling. 

Snickerdoodles have always been my favorite cookies. These earrings are inspired by the glittery sugar and warm cinnamon. Champagne glitter in posted bezels with a classic cream and wood grain acrylic drop. 

I just want to drink a cappuccino and sit around a ski lodge in these earrings. Although...I didn't do that before the pandemic but that's the inspiration for these earrings. I'm guessing my ski lodge experience would be less relaxing with kids but a girl can dream... 

I don't do red and green in a traditional holiday color palette. These earrings are the perfect combination of holiday whimsy for me. Star holo glitter is classic with a fun twist and the multicolor acrylic goes with everything! I'm definitely wearing these to my virtual holiday celebrations. 
Simple perfection. Frost glitter in an organic marquise shaped bezel on a sterling silver kidney wire. Put them on, shine, and don't think about them again - until you get a compliment. 

More simplicity to go with anything in this collection or stand out on their own. Frost glitter in the popular square studs.

Simple with a twist - pink! Frosted cranberry glitter in an organic circle bezel on a sterling silver kidney ear wire. 

Star holo glitter is my favorite.
Perfect for the holidays and to celebrate the new year. 

I have had a lot of requests for more silver and I'm answering with silver, silver, and silver flake! These drop earrings are perfect for everyday.

Cozy Sweater is back. We always need a cozy sweater in the winter too. The bestselling white pearl square studs are here to stay. If you don't know what to get someone, get these.
Trust me, they are officially a Leo and Lynn Jewelry classic! 

More cozy sweater - white and gold flake drops! 

And of course in studs too! 

Perfect for gifting. 
Gifting might feel different this year but this collection is designed for you to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Mix and match designs to create a personalized gift. Remember you can ship directly to your recipient by entering their name and shipping address at checkout. Leave a note at checkout to be included with the gift. 

What are you favorite holiday designs? Who are you buying for this year? 

Thank you for shopping small and
supporting Leo and Lynn Jewelry this holiday season!

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