Living Room Photos and Dreams...

Living Room Photos and Dreams...

Yesterday was a dream come true. A moment I've been dreaming of, envisioning, and working towards since I started Leo and Lynn Jewelry. Our first modeled professional photo shoot with Cristin Goss of Goss Boss and video with Julie Kahlbaugh.  

The day was amazing - our beautiful models, Ashley and Clare, wearing over 30 jewelry looks, Cristin and Julie working their cameras, outfit changes, scene changes, lots of laughs and smiles, women connecting and supporting, and of course, some delicious pastries from La Gourmandine (their almond croissant is also dreamy).  

This photo shoot has been in the works for a while. A few months ago I mentioned this idea to Cristin - that I wanted to level up my website and business with modeled product photos. I described my vision of seeing my jewelry on the women I design for - women living their life, pursuing their goals, sharing their happiness, and truly being inspiring. And it happened. I got emotional once yesterday during the shoot because I was watching my dream come to life. 

But this dream didn't just happen. When I got home I was reflecting to Michael about the day and how it came together to exceed my expectations.  

When I started adding on person photos to the website, the photos were all of me. Taken in the corner of my living room by Michael. I'm so proud of those corner living room photos, not because they are great photos, but because they tell a story. A story of my business growth, a story of my dreams, and a story of those who support me. Those living room photos led me to yesterday in the professional photography studio.  

They tell the story of my supportive partner. Michael's willingness to give up his lunch time, stop what he is doing, and take hundreds of photos. He will listen to my critiques, give feedback, and complain about how difficult jewelry can be to photograph. But he's there, supporting me - building jewelry props for pop ups and markets, designing a new studio for me in our home, and listening to me endlessly talk about my ideas. 

They tell the story of finding fellow business owners who support the dreams of others. I've trusted Cristin with my vision and dreams because I know when I need help. So I hired talent and got out of the way! Knowing where I need help has been critical to my growth.  

They tell the story of believing in myself and working each day towards my goals, no matter the pace. Growth is beautiful and our paths, speed, and journeys are all different. 

But here's what I do know, keep taking those corner living room photos. Those dream making corner living room photos.  

photo of models wearing Leo and Lynn Jewelry and photography by Goss Boss professional photographer

Behind the scenes of our photoshoot


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