Jewelry Storage: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Jewelry Storage: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Now that you have all of this beautiful jewelry, how do you store it? How do you keep it looking like the day you got it?

I wish I had some cute story about jewelry storage but I don’t. I just feel passionately about caring for your jewelry so it stays in amazing condition. I often say that I’m with my customers for the life of their jewelry and I promise you that taking care of your jewelry will greatly increase the longevity of your beautiful pieces. 

Storage Concepts 

  1. Armoires - A great storage choice if you have room for a small piece of furniture and need a lot of storage. Armoires are easy to match to your decor and many have mirrors in them to add to the function.
  2. Lucite box displays - I love the modern look of lucite boxes and displays. This is the perfect option to see all of your jewelry clearly and shows them off. Jewelry is an artform! Most lucite boxes and displays will require some flat surface space like dresser tops or shelves. Side note - I also love to use a spherical lucite display for headbands and hair ties for my daughter. 
  3. Repurpose a drawer - If you have a spare drawer, this option is perfect for you (and I’m jealous because I would do this if I had a spare drawer). Clear the drawer, measure the drawer dimensions, then find a drawer insert that fits. Keep in mind your insert should have some long, narrow spaces for necklaces, and smaller compartments for earrings and bracelets. If your drawer is deep enough, you could stack inserts for double the storage. 
  4. Jewelry Box - The traditional option! Jewelry boxes have been around forever. They are normally compact for the amount of storage. I love the idea of thrifting a vintage jewelry box. 
  5. Hanging Storage - Have extra wall space? This is perfect for you and also shows off your gorgeous jewelry. Hanging options come in a wide variety of necklace hangers, earring boards, and combinations. If you choose a hanging option, make sure you pick a location that is away from moisture since your jewelry will be exposed. 

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All photos from The Container Store 

Keep your jewelry safe 

  1. Metal hates moisture - most metals are susceptible to tarnishing and it’s a naturally occurring process. Never store jewelry in your bathroom or near moisture producing spots. 
  2. Pairs are for more than earrings - group like items together to make them easy to locate and choose. It’s easy for a stray earring to get lost in a pile of bracelets so sorting and separating will eliminate lost items. 
  3. Special spot - do you have jewelry that you wear every single day? For me, it’s my wedding set but sometimes I need to take it off to keep it safe. How many times have you taken your fine jewelry pieces off, placed them somewhere you just knew you would remember...and then, hours later you forgot where you put them, I hope it’s not just me. So I now have a special dish on top of my armoire that I always place my wedding set in. There are so many handmade jewelry dish options from small businesses so you get a beautiful decoration and a secure location. 

Tips and Tricks 

  1. Earring security and t-shirts! - I’m so excited to share this tip with you because it’s my favorite. Have an old t-shirt at home? Then you have the perfect earring storage piece. Cut the fabric into small squares (I do 2”x2”) and poke your earrings through. This saves you so much time when trying to find the matching earring and keeps earring clutches secure.
  2. Keep necklaces hooked - Nothing is more annoying than trying to untangle a tangled necklace chain. Suddenly it feels like your fingers won’t work and every try makes the knot tighter. Store your necklaces hooked to reduce knotting. 
  3. Endless hoops closed - you know I feel deeply about my beloved Summer Earring because a gold endless hoop is forever in style. I remind people often to store endless hoops closed so you don’t lose the gemstone and keep them in the perfect hoop shape. 
  4. Heavy necklaces like to lay down - Even if you pick a hanging necklace storage option, I recommend storing heavy necklaces laying down. This will reduce the stress on the wire, clasps, and beading. 
jewelry storage sustainability using an old tshirt for earring storage
Recycle an old t-shirt for the perfect earring storage trick!

What are your favorite ways to store your jewelry? Share in the comments which new tips you’re going to try for your jewelry storage.

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All gold jewelry storage photos from Anthropologie


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