Inspired by Love - Valentine's Day Collection

Inspired by Love - Valentine's Day Collection

I have a turbulent relationship with my Valentine's Day collections... the very first Vday themed collection I designed and made was a total failure. Like didn't sell at all... and I swore I wouldn't do another Valentine's Day collection, until the next year rolled around and I'm so stubborn that I had to try again. And that collection of Elsie studs with metal hearts embedded sold out in 30 minutes! 

So this year I had to do it again with a love inspired Valentine's Day collection. As you may know, I don't design themed jewelry that can only be worn for one holiday or occasion. I believe in celebrating life with our favorite jewelry all year long. 

This Valentine's Day collection is inspired by that - bringing love to our every day with classic studs, a fun whimsical drop earring, and a classic pearl hair clip. 

This is the earring that renewed my faith in a Valentine's Day collection...okay, that might be a bit dramatic but there's a reason these sold out in 30 minutes last year. I took our bestselling Elsie Stud Earring and added the cutest tiny metal heart under a clear dome of resin with 5 color and metal options! 

My 11 year old daughter has been wearing the purple glitter with silver heart version and they are so cute! 

For the Elsie Studs, I would normally pick the black clay with the gold heart but this red glitter is next level. The red is so gorgeous, dimensional, and picks up the light. Red is my go to Valentine's Day color so these have quickly risen to the top of my favorites list. 

So I obviously can't keep a pair of every earring that I make... I would be out of storage room very quickly. So I am very selective with what I keep for myself. I immediately knew I would keep a pair of these Heart Drop Earrings in gold. I have worn them at least 20 times since making them. They are lightweight, so cute, have lots of movement without feeling cumbersome, and a little bit whimsical. 

And finally, another gorgeous hair clip. The elder millennial in me is still so happy that hair clips are back. This pearl hair clip is so precious and can be dressed up or down. 

Also, if you have a tween girl in your life. This hair clip is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her. 

All Valentine's Day collection purchases come in some extra special packaging. Each earring design comes on a heart shaped earring card, in a pink jewelry box, and a sweet bubble mailer. The pink jewelry box and heart shaped card make them ready for gifting! 

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