How to Design the Perfect Piece of Hand Stamped Jewelry

How to Design the Perfect Piece of Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry makes the perfect gift! The endless options for stamping are so exciting, but can also be a little overwhelming. 

Whether you are designing a piece for yourself or for someone else, we have some tips to help you design the perfect piece. 

First, pick the design that works best for you - our square pendants can have up to 3 lines of stamping with 6 characters per line, our bar pendants can have up to 10 characters, and our petite circle pendants can have 2 characters and are great for stacking initials or small words. 

Here is some inspiration to get you started - 

Favorite Saying - a favorite statement is a great way to share your story through jewelry. Words and phrases like grace, be you, joy, BYOE, and speak life are great options. 

Favorite Place or Date - the coordinates of a favorite vacation spot, birthdates of your children, or a simply city name that holds a special spot in your heart. Places and dates can make great stamped options because they are timeless. 

Inspiring Statement - share inspiration with the wearer every day with an inspiring statement like courage, be brave, go get it... The necklace will serve as a constant reminder of their strength. 

Nickname or Inside Joke - I personally stamped myself a necklace with the nicknames that my partner and I use for our kids. We often abbreviate their names to Ever and Emer and those are special to me because no one else calls them that. I stamped those nicknames on a square pendant for myself. 
Or choose to stamp a brief phrase or word that is an inside joke that makes you or the wearer smile. 

Words of Endearment -  love you, best mom, auntie, best ever - simple words from the heart are very impactful as a personalized piece of jewelry 

We can't wait to see what you design!


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