Hard Lessons in Small Business Ownership

Hard Lessons in Small Business Ownership

Hard lessons being learned over here. As a solo-preneur sometimes the hard lessons also feel really lonely. I don’t want other small business owners to feel alone and I certainly want to share my journey and lessons. Transparency is so important to me… so I’m sharing the latest hard lesson and how you will benefit with some $10 earrings. 

The Simple Summer Collection has brought many new challenges. I wanted to provide my customers with some easy stud earrings that are perfect for hot weather by sourcing from some trusted suppliers. I use these suppliers for raw metal materials but not for finished earrings. I tested many, many earrings for quality and only a few made the cut. I expect my jewelry to work as hard as you do so the standard is high. 

Just a few days before the collection launch I was putting the gold-filled bar and circle studs on earring cards to prep for inventory and 2 posts bent. Just bent as I was putting backs on. I literally shouted out loud to Michael to come see the issue. I was shocked and really upset. I'd been wearing a pair for 3 weeks now without any issue. I checked out the other studs and they seemed fine. Quality and earning the trust of my customers is everything to me. It was only 2 studs but that could be two upset customers. 

I knew that I had to trust my gut and not push the studs out with this launch in the way I was planning. I've decided to share my lesson, share the potential issues with the earrings, and sell them at cost. Providing my customers with high quality casual jewelry is my passion. My jewelry is how I connect with you. It's an extension of my heart. I'll never sacrifice the foundations of my business. You choosing to spend your money with my business fills me with so much happiness, and I want my jewelry to do the same for you. I always say that I'll be here for the life of your jewelry - replacing a missing earring, fixing a break, always making it right! 

This hurt. I've never sourced finished earrings before and my confidence is shaken. But I know where I excel - hand poured resin - and I'll be returning to that for the next collection. I tried something new and I'm really happy with the final designs in this collection. I’m proud of this hard lesson despite the challenges, I’m proud of the outcome and being able to learn more about my strengths to provide you with the highest quality casual jewelry.  Your trust in Leo and Lynn Jewelry and in me, means so much to me. Thank you for always supporting my small business.

image of gold simple stud earrings in front of hydrangea and burlap

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