Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

2020, basically a 4 letter word at this point (I mean, it does have 4 numbers). I have so many thoughts and reflections about the year that I'll write at some point when I feel emotionally ready. 

But before I reflect, I want to celebrate with you. I've been working on some new designs for 2021 and I shared one on Instagram recently. Julie from Tiny Buffalo Consulting messaged me and said we needed them for New Year's Eve. I literally screamed 'yes!' when the message came through. 

The earrings are the popular square stud (gold and silver editions) with white pearl resin and frost glitter resin layered in the bezel. But it's really so much more than that - it's a sign of our bond, our strength, our love. The perfect earring to stay home and welcome 2021. 

Each earring is hand mixed and poured. The resin then cures for 72 hours and the white pearl resin and glitter mix together just like our lives are intertwined. Making each stud completely unique and beautiful, just like us.  

While we might not get to celebrate the new year together, we can have some shared joy as we stay home. As we stay home and wear our stud earrings we will think of each other, celebrate each other, and send our love to each other. It's also okay if we fall asleep on our couches (I never make it later than 10pm) and still be comfortable.  

You'll also notice these earrings are named The Elsie Stud. That's a sneak peek at some 2021 changes. Designs are getting new names and the site will be easier to shop and find the best designs for you. 
Each pair of earrings will come with a note from me. A note about our strength as we welcome 2021. Just a small symbol of my appreciation of this community who has supported me. I recently spoke with Julie on her Tiny Buffalo Talks on Instagram Live, she asks each guest the same question "what do you want to be known for?".  My response might surprise you because it's not about jewelry. Jewelry may be the vehicle for my passion but my answer was - I want to be known for my love of people. I want to make people feel loved, comfortable, feel seen, and cared for. I want people to know what they need to be their best selves and I want to support that. 

That passion drives me out of 2020 and into 2021.
Our shared strength.
I see you and I love you. 

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