For the ones who helped us to BLOOM - Mother's Day Capsule Collection

For the ones who helped us to BLOOM - Mother's Day Capsule Collection

Motherhood - I don't even know where to start on this topic and my journey with motherhood. So I'll save that for future blog posts...
because first, I have a special capsule collection to share with you that is all about mothers, mothering, and motherhood.  

While Mother's Day is definitely an over commercialized holiday, I wanted this collection to be the opposite of that feeling. This collection is personal to me, for you, and for the journey of motherhood - whatever that looks like for each individual. I wanted to stretch myself just as motherhood has stretched me - stretched my emotions, my love, my body, my mind, my entire being has been changed. 

When I first started the collection and working with some new techniques, it flopped. My first dried flower pendants are so bad I won't even give them away for free. I was frustrated, cried, considered throwing in the towel, and just making easy for me designs. But that is not what the women in my life have taught me. My mother taught me to work hard, believe in myself, learn from my failures, but most importantly get back up. Actually, she specifically calls it 'getting back on the horse'. Because I was an equestrian all of my life, including riding on my collegiate equestrian team, and after each fall my mom would make me get back on the horse and just ride one more lap. Never end a ride with a failure. And I couldn't end this collection with failure. 

So I kept trying, much like motherhood, I showed back up and did the damn thing. And so the Bloom collection was born - for those who helped us to bloom. The women in our lives who have mothered us, showed up for us, and ultimately for us. We have helped ourselves to bloom. So no matter who you are shopping for, I hope this collection speaks to you. 

Personally, the Flora Drop Earrings are my personal expression of motherhood. Their soft pink color, hard golden glass, and curved lines speak to my motherhood journey. The ultimate expression of all of the emotions that being a mother has brought out in me. 
I also want to recognize that Mother's Day is an emotional time for many - grieving, longing, missing, estranged, and many more complex emotions - your journey is yours and know that I send you all of my love during this season. 

I hope you love this collection, and I'd love to hear from you in the comments which designs resonated with you. 

Happy Mother's Day and all my love - Summer 

The Bloom Necklace

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