Passion for Every Day

Passion for Every Day

I recently shared my mission for Leo and Lynn Jewelry on my Instagram story.  Another small business owner who I engage with often responded, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you share your mission. It’s so relatable!” 

My mission feels so clear to me and drives my passion every day but I realized that I’m not saying it out loud enough, not putting it on my website enough, not shouting it from the rooftops like I want to! 

My mission is to design and make high quality every day jewelry for women - not costume jewelry and not fine jewelry - the perfect balance in between. 

You know, the jewelry that you put on at 7:30am and wear to walk your kids to the bus stop, wear to work, do your Target run (or drive up if you’re like me), go out to dinner, drop off at gymnastics, soccer, and swimming, and then finally come home. The jewelry that you never have to think about again because it is comfortable, high quality, and makes you smile. 

I often find myself daydreaming about the feelings that I want my customers to have when they purchase from, receive, and wear their Leo and Lynn Jewelry. The feeling of happiness, loyalty, ease, and comfort. Those feelings drive my passion and commitment to my business. 

Quality - I cannot stand the feeling of jewelry or fabrics that irritate my skin. When creating designs I only use nickel-free, high quality metals like sterling silver or gold filled. One of my business foundations is to provide jewelry that is easy to wear and that includes feeling great on your skin all day. I focus on sourcing materials from fellow small businesses and knowing the origin of the materials (another blog post coming on that!). 

Loyalty - I am a loyal friend, like seriously, I’m the golden retriever of friends. My products and business are loyal to you. It’s important that every day jewelry is exactly how you want it every day. I want to share my business and motherhood story with you so you know who you are supporting when you purchase. Every piece that you see from Leo and Lynn Jewelry was lovingly made at my dining room table or in my office while I'm also passing out snacks to my kids, helping with spelling homework, or teaching them about making a piece of jewelry.   

Comfort - When I make a new design or try a new technique I will keep and wear the first production for a few days to ensure it meets my quality standards. Comfort means that you can put it on in the morning and not think about it again until the end of your day. Comfort is one of the reasons that I named my favorite earrings after myself and they are a bestseller. I wore The Summer Hoop Earrings almost every single day for an entire year before offering them as a classic design. I had to share what I consider to be the perfect example of every day jewelry with you.  

Made by your BFF - Have you ever bought some jewelry and then have it break later (or a child yanks it too hard, I’m looking at you Everett)? But after it breaks you don’t know what to do about it… As a one woman operation I pride myself on being available to you for the life of your jewelry. All emails, social media, website updates - all done by me! I touch every part of my business and I love hearing from customers. If there is ever an issue with your jewelry I will work with you to make it right. You can wear your jewelry each day knowing that it was made by your small business BFF.  

Small business ownership can be hard but most times so amazing. Identifying my passions and commitments to you as customers has helped me to keep dreaming, pushing, and working each day. 

Which passions resonated with you? What are some passions you live for each day or in your business? 

I test all new designs and techniques to make sure the quality is perfect for you. I'm currently testing new resin techniques and I can't wait to start offering these perfect glitter studs. 
The Summer Earring! My all time favorite earring and bestseller. Endless hoops (I love the security these offer when wearing) in 5 gemstone options and a sterling silver option. 

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