Family Fun - 48 Hours in Presque Isle State Park

Family Fun - 48 Hours in Presque Isle State Park

For the last week of June we planned a fun staycation, mostly filled with house projects, sleeping in, and lots of pool time, but we also got away for just a quick 48 hours in Presque Isle State Park. Did you know that Presque Isle State Park is the most visited state park in PA? It's just a 2 hour drive from Pittsburgh and we never knew how popular it was. 

So let's recap our 48 hours because it was so fun! We are already planning a quick day trip back. 
photo of lake with green grass blue sky Presque Isle State Park
The view driving in is gorgeous. Lots of places to stop as you enter the park to enjoy the bay view. 

young girl and man driving a 4 person bike at Presque Isle State Park with red awning over them
We rented a 4 person surrey bike from The Yellow Bike Rental Company. The bike company is located conveniently in the park so you can grab a bike and hit the trail!

The 4 person bike is awesome for kids because everyone can stay together but it is not a quick or efficient ride. Mike and I were very sweaty by the end of the 10 mile loop.

young boy looking at man's arm while steering 4 person bike at Presque Isle State Park with a red awning over top of them
This little guy never even touched the pedals but he loved to steer (us almost into a tree, note Mike's hand keeping us on the trail). 

two young kids in an infinity pool with sunset behind them
We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Bayfront. The view and the infinity pool were the highlight! The kids swam late into the evening and woke up ready to go to the pool. 

cheeseburger wrapped in kraft paper with a bite taken and a milkshake with whipped cream and a red straw, young boy in background
As you enter Presque Isle, Sara's Campground and Restaurant and you'll notice people outside eating at all hours of the day and there's a good reason - it's the perfect place for a beach day burger and milkshake! 

We loved Sara's easy dinner so much that we got it twice during our trip. The black raspberry milkshake was amazing! 

 beach 6 at Presque Isle with blue sky and people in the lake water
There are many beach options at Presque Isle but we picked beach 6 for some swimming and sunning. The parking is easily located, changing rooms and bathroom are next to the parking lot, and the beach is a very quick walk from the car. My kids loved swimming in the lake because they could stand, no rough waves, and lots of other kids to play with. They loved it so much I had to physically carry Everett out of the lake at the end of the day... 

two young kids with arms around each other and smiling at camera while standing in Lake Erie at Presque Isle State Park
The kids are already asking to go back! 

Don't forget to take a few minutes to review the small businesses that you visit when adventuring! 



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