Dear Emerson - Happy 3,285 Days!

Dear Emerson - Happy 3,285 Days!

Dear Emerson, 

3,285 days.

78,840 hours.

It’s been 9 years since we met for the first time in a hospital room in the wee hours of the morning but I don’t remember my heart before you. The one who made me a mother. 

Allow me to share some of my dearest memories from 9 years of Emerson so far, because I have a feeling you won’t entertain these birthday letters as we enter the teen years.  

You’ve been telling the world that you were a force to be reckoned with since before birth. Your favorite story - I should have known your determination… you kicked my lower rib out while in utero. The doctor popped it back in and you promptly kicked it back out. The doctor just shook her head and told me to leave it dislocated until after your birth. You’ve been making your way in the world and sharing your needs from the very beginning. And yes, a dislocated rib is extremely painful. 

You have and always will be my inspiration. Your ability to make people feel welcomed, happy, and loved is unmatched. Your zest, energy, and limitless love is your superpower. 

So as you enter year 9, let’s reflect on the last year. 

This was the year - 
  • You learned to make your own scrambled eggs 
  • You found your love of mystery and biographical books
  • You started turning ‘mommy’ to ‘mom’
  • You learned my first name is Summer and even tried to call me it once 
  • Your fingers lost their toddler chub
  • And I notice those long, thin fingers reach for my hand a bit less 
  • You made it until midnight on New Year’s Eve, no surprise, you’ve always been a night owl 
  • Your favorite subject is still math
  • You played soccer again and your dad and I were honored to be your team coaches
  • Your role as family comedian has been critical in 2020 so we can laugh together during the hard times
  • You still want to be a doctor, and you've stopped trying to practice surgery on your little brother (thank you)
  • Your energy is unmatched and still the most beautiful thing to your dad and me
It is my hope that you never lose your love of fun, adventure, and people. Do all the big things, baby. 

Love always,

woman in labor with first child in hospital gown
Just 18 hours before 'meeting' Emerson 
woman holding newborn baby in hospital gown
I hope you'll always want to snuggle 
little girl in blue jacket and jeans hugging a gray kitten
Rosie celebrated your 7th birthday with you and you are still her favorite person 
little girl in covid safety face mask looking at birthday cupcakes
Birthdays in a pandemic look different - delivered cupcakes to friends for fun zoom calls 
little girl looking at laptop with balloons behind her
Zoom birthday calls!
little girl jumping in front of happy birthday balloon sign and french door windows
Happiest birthday to our amazing girl!

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