Cheers! More Holiday and More Joy to Gift!

Cheers! More Holiday and More Joy to Gift!

I can't help myself. More is more when it comes to joy and sharing my holiday love. So when I decided to make 'just a few more holiday designs', no one was surprised. I love more of everything about the holidays - more family game nights, more matching pajamas, more tinsel, more cookies, and more gifting joy to loved ones.  

Let's get right into the new designs, including some amazing new gift sets that are perfect for 2020. 

We have Cristin of Goss Boss to thank for these gorgeous earrings. She saw the Ski Slope Drop Earrings at my anniversary party and suggested them with the popular white pearl resin. Now we have two gorgeous drop earring options to pick from! 

I can't get enough of a statement acrylic with posted resin bezel drop earring. Who remembers the first version of the gold flake and wood grain acrylic earrings from my site launch? Well they got a grown up makeover - white pearl resin! 
I love bangle sets and this one features classic black and white shimmer that will go with everything. Set includes a square gold open bangle. 

You know I couldn't have a white pearl resin bangle without some glitter! Cranberry glitter in this bangle set just screams FESTIVE! 

Gorgeous link bracelets filled with glitter resin for endless options. Silver and gold bracelets with 5 different resin options so you can find the perfect bracelet. These bracelets make a fun statement and are lightweight. The bracelets are 7.5" from clasp to closure ring and my wrist is 6.5" - I find they fit perfectly with movement. 

My favorite new design - GIFT SETS that are perfect for 2020 -
mask-laces and bestselling square studs.  

I'm really trying to make the word 'mask-lace' happen. Like necklace but for your mask, get it?!?  

This design happened because I made a beaded mask-lace for myself and loved them so much that I did a quick Instagram poll to see if you wanted them and the 'yes' votes rolled in. I get so excited when we love the same things. You may remember that beading is where my jewelry making journey started. I loved beading these mask-laces so much. 

There are 5 different gift set options - hope you find the perfect one! 

All orders include free gift wrap! 
  • Remove shipping label from box 
  • Wrap with pre-cut perfectly sized recycled craft paper 
  • Decorate with metallic markers, stickers, or have creative kids do some artwork 
  • Tie on the gold ribbon and gift!

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