Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Shine, and Cozy Sweaters - Behind the Scenes of the Autumn 2020 Collection

Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Shine, and Cozy Sweaters - Behind the Scenes of the Autumn 2020 Collection

I love Autumn. It’s my second favorite season after my namesake - Summer, of course. 

We live in Western PA where the trees shed their leaves. The trees drop the weight of the earth each fall. But not without beautiful fanfare -  bursts of colors, showing off, and then releasing their heaviness. It’s inspiring. Mother earth is so proud of herself but humble enough to show us her bare self.   

This fall collection is inspired by some of my favorite things to enjoy in the fall, beautiful mother nature, and classic colors that will work all year round. Enjoy the inspiration, stories, and personalized options in this collection so you can reflect your true Autumn style through everyday jewelry. 

The designs for the Autumn 2020 collection range from stud earrings, drop earrings, statement earrings, necklaces, and mask chains in a series of colorways. I’m so excited to share these colorways and their inspiration with you. The colorways are designed for maximum flexibility and coordination - you can select designs from any colorway and they pair beautifully together.  

I hope you love the collection! Can’t wait to see you in the designs. 

Cozy Sweater

cozy sweater drop earrings champagne glitter acrylic statement earrings autumn
cozy sweater white gold flake gold square stud earrings
cozy sweater white pearl gold square studs
cozy sweater white gold flake drop earrings

I know I’m not supposed to have favorites but the Cozy Sweater colorway is my favorite (don’t tell the others). Inspired by my favorite autumn clothing - cozy sweaters! You know the kind, endlessly soft, chunky sweaters that envelope your body so you just become one fuzzy marshmallow person. This colorway is highlighted with soft white shimmers, champagne gold glitter, and gold accents. 


twilight drop earrings resin acrylic black onyx statement everyday jewelry
twilight navy glitter resin stud earrings

Special thank you to my friend Lynn for naming this colorway. Gorgeous deep blues and black in resin, acrylic, and gemstones that mimic the dark night sky in autumn. The dark night sky that is perfect for a fire pit and s’mores making with family, or provide the backdrop outside your window as you enjoy a movie. 

Golden Sage 

golden sage resin gold flake necklace drop earrings statement jewelry ball chain necklace

Give me all the gold flake. If you watch my Instagram stories then you know I’m putting gold flake on anything I can find. Two gorgeous pieces of sage resin with gold flake and gold shimmer resin on top. Drop earrings and a coordinating necklace - 24” gold ball chain with multicolor acrylic open circle and resin drop bezel. These pieces look beautiful together or separately making their own statement. It doesn’t hurt that I also love the spice sage. 

Apple Spice 

deep maroon shimmer resin apple spice stud earrings

Another wonderful name suggestion from my friend, Stacy. Apple is a serious contender for my favorite fall flavor (tied with pumpkin, of course). I love caramel apples, apple crisp, candy apples, homemade applesauce… I could keep going. This gorgeous deep maroon shimmer resin is perfect. 

Harvest Shine 

harvest shine rose holographic glitter resin gold square studs classical casual everyday jewelry
harvest shine rose holographic glitter resin silver drop earrings classic casual everyday jewelry

Holographic glitter lover forever! This glitter is inspired by the light shining through the gorgeous fall leaves creating a beautiful autumnal rainbow. This rose holographic glitter has hints of deep rose, light pink, gold, silver, and white. So much color in such a small package. 

Design Your Own Necklace

design your own necklace silver gold ball chain resin bezels custom jewelry

You know I believe in just having a few great pieces of everyday jewelry that you can mix and match to make the best of every outfit. The Design Your Own Necklace is perfect - you get two ball chains - gold and silver - and then 3 bezels that you pick from a great range of colors, glitters, and shapes. 

Mask Chains 

black holographic glitter resin mask chain satellite chain lobster clasps wear a mask
glitter resin mask chains satellite chain lobster clasp wear a mask

I’m constantly looking for my mask or trying to find a clean space to put it. Enter mask chains! Mask wearing is so critical right now so why not add an accessory to it?!? Three glitter color options on bezel bars on each side of the chain, lobster clasps to hook to your mask, and dainty silver plated satellite chain. 

Gift Studs 

twilight $15 gift studs gift giving stud earrings
pumpkin spice gift studs gift giving stud earrings

I am completely honored when customers choose to give my designs as gifts. It’s the best feeling knowing that you want to share my handmade jewelry with your friends and family. I started $15 exclusive color gift studs when quarantine started as a way to spread smiles and now I can’t wait to continue them through each season. The gift studs for autumn come in apple spice, pumpkin spice, twilight, and harvest shine. Each gift includes a personalized autumn themed note - just include your text at checkout in the notes section. 

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