Introducing Imprinted by Leo and Lynn Jewelry

Introducing Imprinted by Leo and Lynn Jewelry

A few months ago I started feeling like I wasn't connecting as deeply with my jewelry as I had intended. I love resin jewelry and there aren't any plans for those designs to go away but I felt a pull to try something new for my brand. I wanted to celebrate our connections as people, our relationships, our stories, our lows and our highs. 

So you may not know this, but I am a people person. Like I really like people, people in general. I love to meet new people, learn about people, and share connections with them. For instance, every flight I've ever taken alone I can tell you the name of the person I sat next to and something about them. I still remember a wonderful flight conversation with Priscilla, a tax auditor from New York on a flight to Jacksonville 14 years ago. 

Okay...Priscilla aside. It's about our people for me. You know, the people that make you smile immediately when you think about them. 

I wanted to create a jewelry concept that focused on just that - celebrating our people and our stories. I had done some metal stamping a few years ago and decided to give it another try. I wanted to marry the two concepts - the original mission of Leo and Lynn Jewelry to provide high quality, casual jewelry for every day and now the mission of Imprinted to celebrate the stories and the people who are forever imprinted on our lives. 

And a special shout out to Angelica for naming this new concept. We co-work together one Friday a month and I was explaining my vision to her and that I wanted a one word name for the new concept. She immediately said 'imprinted' and it was perfect! 

Imprinted Overview 

The new concept is launching with 2 predesigned necklaces focused on motherhood and some humor, bruh ;). And 3 ways to design your own necklace, I can't wait to see what you design! 

Each necklace is available in gold filled or sterling silver and a variety of chain lengths. The chain is a dainty box chain with a spring ring clasp. This delicate chain is lightweight and easy to wear. 

Each design is hand stamped with Homeroom font. Homeroom is a capital letter sans serif font. 

Each necklace comes with a branded silsuede grey jewelry pouch. Silsuede is a flocked velvety fabric with cotton backing. The included pouch is a great way to store or gift the necklace. 

Price Difference 

You may notice that the prices for our hand stamped metal jewelry is higher than our resin jewelry. This is because of the materials and metals used. All Imprinted hand stamped jewelry is made with gold filled or sterling silver metals. Our resin jewelry is made with gold or silver plated metal. These two metals have different positive traits and also different price points. Read our blog post about metal types and how to best care for your jewelry. 

Budget is subjective and while I know that my prices won't be for everyone, I do hope to provide a range of prices for my customers to find their favorite casual jewelry. 

What to look forward to...

We are just getting started with Imprinted by Leo and Lynn. I'm currently working on designs that will celebrate our journeys and stories in new ways. 
We will also begin to expand our font offerings on our design you own pieces. 


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