3 Go To Summer Outfits

3 Go To Summer Outfits

It's summer in Pittsburgh which means we went from snow to 90 degrees and 100% humidity faster than you can name all three rivers... 

My summer is packed with work, cheering for my kids at their sports games, and outdoor adventures with my family. I am a creature of habit so it's no surprise that I love to repeat an outfit and just change up the accessories. 

So here are my top 3 go to summer outfits... Let me know in the comments what your go to outfit is. 
3 go to summer outfits sundress
I wore this J Crew Factory green striped sundress to the Squirrel Hill Night Market in June and it was as hot as the rim of the sun... This dress kept me cool and let lots of air in. A simple sundress is easily paired with some drop earrings - I love the Sunshine and Smiles Drop Earrings with this outfit to add a touch of whimsy and metal mixing. 

I honestly included the Born Inlet Sandals which I got from Piper and Scoot with this outfit but I could have included them with all of my summer outfits because I've been living in them. I sized down to a 7 (normally a 7.5) and because they are real leather they broke in perfectly. I wore the Inlet sandal for a girls weekend at Lake Chautauqua and they were so comfortable for exploring all day (and enjoying some wine). 
I work from home for my university job and Leo and Lynn Jewelry so perfecting my work from home outfit has been important to me. This outfit is comfortable for desk work, a quick dog walk at lunch, and all those zoom meetings. I want the  Loft Everyday Crew Neck T-shirt in every color but the stripes are my favorite, a simple pair of black shorts, and my favorite white pearl Birkenstocks (that are perfectly broken in). I have been wearing my pink Daisy Drop earrings every day this summer - lightweight, floral, and the perfect pop of color. 
weekend kids sports watching outfit inspiration pink tank black bike shorts white rubber sandals shimmery light pink stud earrings
And finally, my go to outfit for all those weekend sports game, evening practices, and all the carpooling... So I'm late to the bike short game and embarrassed it took me this long! I tried these Old Navy Active bike shorts because they were inexpensive and an easy way to try the trend. Paired with my favorite easy ribbed tank and rubber Birkenstocks and I'm ready for all the weekend chaos. The rubber Birkenstocks are my most used summer shoe - I wear them to the exercise studio every morning because they slip off easily, to the pool, taking the dog outside, even some light gardening because they hose right off. If it's the weekend, I'm wearing stud earrings because they're my favorite and they are just so easy and classic. The Sandra Studs in light pink glitter add some shimmer to my outfit. 

Which summer outfit is your favorite?

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